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Anatomy of a short film

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

When it comes to anatomy of a short film or in other words its essence, it's obviously crucial to have an attention grabbing story and theme first, then comes interesting, creative and high-quality artwork, animations and stylistic choices. Shift is unique for us in this sense, showcasing animated productions don't have to be shallow and form oriented, can be quite content-rich and serious while maintaining a healthy balance of rationality, philosophy and comedic material in itself through a professional level of technicality.

Why is there a blog?

This production blog is designed mainly for fans and funders who are willing to help this project come to life through moral and financial support. It will include WIP or finalized concept & design art, storyboards, animation tests, renders, visual effects work, etc. alongside some helpful theoretical and practical technical posts. Most posts will only be accessible to our production team and certain fans mentioned above (who are to be determined through a selected crowdfunding site).

Below are some concept artwork pieces already in the site:

-First one is showing high-rise buildings and rooftops of some low-rise ones in Port City section of Port Metropolis, including some parkour members and our mysterious cat, Hollow.

-Second one's theme is City Hall, showing some government buildings in downtown Port City and guards dealing with some protesters.

-Third one has some parkour members jumping over guards unnoticed in the ghetto part of Port Metropolis.

-Fourth one is the outer section of Port Metropolis, showing its famous, heavily guarded wall surrounding the city. No one from regular folk is allowed inside from outside or vice versa. Not even animals :)

-Last one is showing one of our main protagonists', Marie's room; giving insight about what she has been up to, lately.

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